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A 1x1 cone with an inverted positioned screwdriver just might work here. So, I'm saying just might based off the the halved cast line of Peggy's head. The base peg of the horn/drill-bit would be too wide for the hole, but based off the cast fault line, which I hi-lighted in blue, there is a greater chance for the plastic halves to ease the slimmer screw ...


That part is the new Brick Separator which LEGO includes in most bigger sets: It's not part of the construction itself, but is a tool to allow you to easily disassemble constructions. You can compare it with the older version in this question on how to separate 1x2 plates.


If the problem is that the base of the horn is too big to fit in the hole on the chanfron you have to make the former smaller or the latter bigger. Careful work with a file/scalpel, if you're good at that kind of thing. Remember that it's a lot easier to take a bit more off than to put a bit back. Odd that the bow doesn't use a standard size stud anyway (...


A possibility might be using Horse Battle Helmet (unicorn) parts 89524 or 13745: However I'm unsure if those would fit. The head geometry of the horse part in question (93083c01pb08) seems to be wider than the geometry of the horses in the castle sets (e.g. 10352c01pb03) If you're not afraid to modify (cut and/or bend) one of the horse helmets, they might ...


LEGO Friends are essentially the same as minifigs when it comes to building things like houses. The main difference is the colour palette. If you don't mind that your Friends live in houses that use primary colours instead of pastels, you can just buy any regular Lego house (the Creator line has many) and put Friends in there. Previous houses from the ...


My son had the exact same problem with this set at Christmas. In step 1, you put the red joiner on the axle. In step 2, there is a smaller axle that gets put in the other end. The only clue is that each step shows what parts are needed, so you can see that there is a little axle there that needs to be incorporated.


I believe that this covers everything: Construction vehicles: Diesel Dumper (6532) Backhoe (6662) Landscape Loader (6512) Recycle Truck (6668) Friends car (30103) Fire vehicles: Jetport-Fire-Squad (6440) Launch Evac 1 (6614) Rescue Runabout (6511) Looks like just the car from Shell Convenience Store (1254)


Couldn't find specific police officer digs, but we can cobble one together until LEGO makes one, cough, official... We're using the following two images as visual templates to see what we kinda want our finished product to look like. Note: Police hat vs. Equestrian hat. We can only choose one. The Part Recipe List: Part# 92254pb01 - Mini Doll, Hair ...


Many adjustments have been made for 2018. The five main characters all still exist, but they have been changed somewhat. This was brought up on the Lego Ambassador Network, and generated enough interest to get an official response from the Friends team in Billund: Every year we strive to innovate and make our products even better for children all over ...


The minifig is a Friends doll, to be precise, it's Farran Leafshade from the Elves theme. He appears in two sets in those green pants. Given that you mention the bag you have has #3 printed on it, and the 41076 Farran and the Crystal Hollow set has only 2 bags in it, I believe you have part of set 41075 The Elves' Treetop Hideaway in your possession. As ...


Yup, good guess. Comes form Set# 41026 Sunshine Harvest.


The best way is to obtain loose bricks and make up your own houses!


The door is probably Frame 2X4X6 in Medium Lilac. This depends on the thickness of the piece 1 or 2 studs as this is not clear on the picture. This piece in combination with the white door only comes in 2 sets : 4625: Pink Brick Box 10660-1: House Suitcase Neither set contains the other pieces. I can't find the other pieces on Brickset. Are these pieces ...


Pure eucalyptus oil works excellent, won't damage your minifigs, (and it smells good too!). You can get it in small bottles at health-food stores, pharmacies, and Asian stores. You don't need much, so a small bottle can last you a long time. Just pour a little of the oil on a piece of cotton or soft towel, and rub over the printed area you want to remove. ...


You can find downloadable copies of LEGO instructions for any set (there might be a few exceptions but not for standard retail sets) at the LEGO web site:


The other answers speak well about technical compatibility. With the release of The LEGO Movie 2 film and its associated LEGO sets, we have official confirmation that Minifigs and Minidolls are supposed to be able to exist and interact in the same universe. For example, see set 70830, Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship: We see a Minidoll Sweet Mayhem alongside ...


It is mentioned in the previous answer that the feet are slightly oblong. I snapped a few photos to illustrate how this impacts the level of compatibility between the two figure types. A standard minifigure will easily be able to 'stand' within a 1 x 2 space. In most cases, this applies to a 'Friend' as well, unless the 1 x 2 space is recessed. The ...


This is part of 41000-1: Water Scooter Fun


This bag is from 3315 - Olivia's House. The instructions for this set can be found here on the LEGO Customer Service Site.


It doesn't look like there's currently any way to make this connection by normal means. While there are quite a few parts with similar 1.6 mm attachment holes as your daughter's horse has (including some mildly surprising ones like this ladybug), parts with the matching pins seem to be relatively few. Basically all of them seem to be small ornaments like ...


I'm very late to the game here, but why can't we use the existing hole as a guide for an appropriately sized drill bit, converting it from Friends accessory size to standard LEGO horn size? If you drilled it slowly by hand, it would be really hard to mess it up.


Remember the BPA scare? It's all but a crime to release a product that even thinks about having BPA. But I did the search anyway, and no, there is not any in this or any other LEGO product I can find to date. LEGO is pretty good about nontoxic products, drinking use intended or no. I mean, they're made for kids. Good question though.


You can buy instructions at Brick Link web site:


Yes. There are over 30 types, depending on box size. Some of them look more like books. Some of them are impractical, and haven't been reintroduced since their debut.


My LEGO Friends minifigs are just fine. Their hair doesn't come off that easy. Perhaps there is some difference in the mould and you ended up with some loose ones? It happends to regular minifigs too where the hair/helmet fits very loose or very tight. You could put a little bit of tacky-glue (blu-tack) inside the hair pieces to keep them on while still ...

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