Each time I've heard someone from LEGO speak about quality, they tend to insist on on simple message: they can't do anything on a problem they don't know about. This may seem very obvious, but they feel it needs to be repeated anyway. What this means is that they want every single customer with any quality problem to actually report it. Apart from the fact ...


This was a common problem with ball sockets in Bionicle figures released between 2007 and 2010. The first wave of Hero Factory figures, which the pictured elements are from, also used this style of socket, as well as regular bricks with ball sockets released during that time. The problem has been addressed by The Lego Group, and the new ball socket elements ...


The largest truely round base plates in the LEGO system fit in a 8x8 square. You can build them from two LegoPlate, Round Half 4 x 8 or from four quarters. For a bigger (and thicker!) base plate there is a Duplo version of the above mentioned base plate, fitting into a 16x16 studs LEGO system square: LegoDuplo, Plate Round Corner 4 x 8 Double EDIT: For a ...


The mask in the first picture is from the Hero Factory set Witch Doctor. The other pic looks like it's from the same set.


It looks like Hero Factory Weapon Accessory - Machinery Armor is the part you are looking for.

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