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How many original LEGO wooden ducks are left?

Answering the question in your bounty edit ("I'm looking for any public case of an original wooden duck being owned or sold"): Here is a forum entry by someone in the USA who managed to buy ...
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Did Samsonite ever made LEGO studs? (1 x 1 round plates)

According to this listing, it appears Samsonite manufactured square 1x1 plates: However, I cannot find any record of round variations by Samsonite.
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How has the basic brick changed over the years?

This diagram from WRme2 on Flickr provides a representation of the mold variations from 1949 to 2022:
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Is the NASA Space-Shuttle the object with most reproductions in LEGO sets?

Without a more precise definition of what you are looking for it is very difficult to say what has been done most. For instance, a "building" is something you can find in several thousand ...
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Which parts do not have the LEGO logo stamped on them?

I can't find LEGO mark anywhere on the clear visors that spaceman wear. I first noticed when checking a red visor for Ninjago Mr E. Then looked at my extra visors: no matter the color none have LEGO ...
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