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Should the LEGO Batcave step 264 use 1x1 Technic bricks?

This is likely correct. Here's the instruction step that you mentioned: In order to keep costs lower, TLG tries to limit the number of unique elements in a set and in an individual bag within a set. ...
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What was the purpose of the triangular corner marking and the "points" in Lego instructions starting around 1992?

There doesn't appear to be much information left on this. I've only really found this eurobricks thread, that attempts to answer the same question. In summary, it appears to have been a marketing ...
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Looking for instructions for Nanoblock Synthesizer (NBC_038)

Among other printed instructions for Nanoblock kits found on Fandom Wiki there is one for Synthesizer (NBC_038) kit as well:
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Instructions for these two LEGO bags?

Both bags appear to be from set 11018 - Creative Ocean Fun Building instructions are available from Lego customer service here.
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Correct axle rotation of partially built LEGO Cat D11 Bulldozer (42131)?

I don't have this set, so my answer is based on online instructions for this particular set. TLDR: Brown axles are supposed to spin in opposite directions. Long answer below. Step 105 has two sub-...
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Lego Creator - Ford Mustang 10265

There should indeed be 11 bags : 6 big ones numbered 1 through 6 5 small ones numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (each has the number on it multiple times, which seems to be why you mention 11, 33 etc.) the ...
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Has anyone had problems fitting the stalactites and stalagmites in the 76252 Lego Batcave?

Step 403 of the instructions for set 76252 - Batcave - Shadow Box constructs two stalactites like follows, so I'll assume that's the set you're talking about : Given your description of what doesn't ...
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Looking for instructions to a set with many different sized round cogwheels

This is set 11019-1 Bricks and Functions Key parts: 14t plate gear (35446) in Lime Turntable Base (61485) in White and a 1x4 gear rack (3743 or 4296) in White
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