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How can I upload .ev3 files to my brick under macOS Catalina

The only way to compile a .ev3 file to a .rbf file is with the "EV3 Lab" software that is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina. So your options are: Run Windows or an older version of macOS in a ...
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PoweredUp App for iOS: How to import/export my Project?

You can't officially. Screenshot your project.
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How to connect an NXT brick to the LEGO programmer application on an iPad?

The NXT only works with the EV3 desktop software (for Windows and Mac) and only via USB. I'm not aware of any way to program NXT using an iPad (or Android, or Chromebook).
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Where's the iNXTG app for programming NXT from iPad?

Unfortunately there is no good solution for controlling NXT’s from an iPad. There are plenty of Android apps to control them manually, but you’re best bet on iOS is to write something on your own. ...
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How can I connect the LEGO Mindstorms NXT with an iPad?

I'm going to guess that USB would most likely required a jailbroken iPad. The NXT uses a custom USB protocol, so you would need raw access to the USB via IOKit. If neither Bluetooth nor USB works, ...
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