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Execute program programmatically

This is more of a LabView answer than a Mindstorms answer, but you should be able to create a SubVI that represents a task, and then you can place that in the main VI. This help document might be ...
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EV3 Wired Brick to Brick communication

The reading you have done about connecting input port 4 is for the NXT, not the EV3. The NXT has a special feature on that port for RS485 serial communications. This is not present on the EV3 bricks. ...
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How can I control nxt 2.0 robot with a Wiimote in labview?

The Wiimote uses 2 forms of communication: Bluetooth 4, and IR for the pointing controls. You'd probably be using bluetooth. The main problem with the NXT bluetooth is that the NXT is a slave device, ...
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Not detecting motor port D

I think LabVIEW only works with 3 motors. You could use EV3-G instead.
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Which is better for youngsters to learn - LEGO Mindstorms for LabVIEW or Scratch?

I have used Scratch and I did use Lego Mindstorms. I would prefer Scratch because its easier to learn the codes and there is way more coding blocks. Just that its a bit harder to connect your robot to ...
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Mindstorms Chromebook app Stuck in Zoomed-Out Position

SHORT ANSWER: Look in upper right hand corner of your project page and find the icon that looks like this [1:1] and click it. It will center and reset the zoom of your program. Isn't two finger ...
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NXT light sensor homework help

Without solving your homework, you will need at least the following blocks: for bullet 1 Light Sensor Data to Text LCD Panel Display for bullets 2 and 3 Loop (forever) Switch (based on light ...
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LabView Mindstorms - What does speed in seconds mean?

A speed in second makes no sense to me. Are there more information about this motor, like to maximum rpm/power ? If so, maybe that the scale from -100 to 100 is some sort of percentage of max rpm/...
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I need a block that can combine a movement program with NXTbee radio

There is a LabVIEW block for the NXTBee. For example, here is a tutorial from the manufacturer.

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