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Calculations / Pre-process I started off by guessing that your MOCs are about 7 minifigs tall. If a minifig is 4 bricks tall that makes the overall height 28 bricks tall. It looks like the tallest buildings are about 20 stories tall and the shorter buildings are 5 stories tall. So you're looking at 4 plates or 5 plates per floor to build these. 4 plates ...


I believe that the last version that had a complete set of elements was 4.3.11, however that has dependencies on Adobe Flash, so will likely not work on most modern systems that have now removed Flash. The last release, 4.3.12 has a known issue with missing parts. However you can use the parts library (Assets.lif) from 4.3.11 with 4.3.12 - this can be ...


The design is created in (as all designs on Studio Gallery) and the creator has explicitly chosen to not make his .io file available. So in trying to recreate this, you would go against the authors wishes, basically committing a copyright violation. If you could somehow persuade the author to give you the .io file, than you could theoretically export ...


According to SylvainLS in this BrickLink post, these are the answers to my questions: You can find out which colors are available for a part by selecting a part, opening the Color Palette on the right side of the interface, and selecting the Hide unavailable colors option. In the BrickLink catalog, part 99455 and many other EV3-specific pieces are set to ...


I ran into this problem a couple years ago and was able to solve it. The trick is to use the piece 6134, which is a quarter of a plate thick. It's an old question but I thought it would be good for a picture to be here in case others run into this problem and find this question.


You could try Mecabricks. Login Make model or import it Click export (choose .stl)

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