The most obvious answer is probably the LEGO Heroica range, especially when played in "Campaign" mode; for more details see our Heroica tag wiki. There are also a few examples of "Expert" rules that others have come up with, including our very own Joe Wreschnig's set on his dedicated site. Advanced Heroica PDF by Jason Glover/GreyGnomeGames (archived ...


Various minifigures are in included in: LEGO Chess Sets: Castle - 24 minifigures Giant Fantasy Era - 33 minifigures Knight's Kingdom - 24 minifigures Pirates - 24 minifigures Vikings - 24 minifigures LEGO Tic-Tac-Toe Sets: Castle - 10 minifigures Police - 10 minifigures Pirates - 10 minifigures Other LEGO Games: Ludo (a variant of parcheesi) - 16 ...


Here is my attempt on a 6x6 plate. I built only one wall for the image clarity, but maybe you'd prefer one opposite wall as well. If you don't have the tile with the pillow, replace it with a 1 x 2 slope or something. Construction details if it's not clear enough:


I went with the following set up - note that as the microfig is two bricks high, that means it's actually three studs long: Castle Bedroom with bedside candle Castle Bedroom with bedside candle (LDraw)


found it at last...! They are cards from this game from the 1990s Space Police / Blacktron II / M:Tron Poster Game https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?G=921800


EV3 software comes in two varieties, Educational and Home. The Educational version has a few blocks that do data operations that make sense in a science class. Both versions are downloadable from Lego for free. I think the MyData block is actually the data logging block. It looks like this: To get this block for use in your programs, you would need to ...


There is no one gibberish sound effect for LEGO minifigures. Traveler's Tales (the developer of many popular LEGO video games) creates its cutscenes with a mime/sound effect style similar to movies found on the LEGO website. Rather than record character voices with words (as Warner Brothers did with The LEGO Movie) Traveler's Tales recorded voice actors to ...

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