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Why is LEGO usually uppercase?

No, it's not an acronym. The name 'LEGO' is an abbreviation of the two Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well". All-caps is how the LEGO company asks to have their brand treated. Using ...
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Why is LEGO usually uppercase?

Alexander O'Mara's answer is correct, however I'd like to add the reasoning behind LEGO's desire to impose such strict rules on their name's usage. According to the copyright laws generic terms can't ...
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Why do Star Wars sets include the Disney logo/brand name while Marvel Super Heroes sets do not?

I emailed TLG: These changes are different as it is how Disney would like it be displayed. Prior to a set release, each set goes through a number of reviews. One of these, is our designers show ...
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What is Rebuild The World?

It's "a campaign to help nurture the creative skills of the next generation", launched by LEGO on September 17, 2019. From the LEGO website: Today, the LEGO Group and musician Mark Ronson ...
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What is meant by the statement about "minifig replicas" in the 2020/2 catalogue?

These 2 sets 75243 & 75258 are 2 of the 20 years anniversary sets. LEGO included in each of these sets an additional minifig on a stand based on the minifigs released during the first years. These ...
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What was the first Lego tie-in film or television production?

I think you already answered your own question: The The earliest Lego television production is Edward and Friends from 1987 that showcased the Fabuland theme. From the Wikipedia page: It was Lego's ...
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Ordering of Pages in Printed LEGO Catalogues

I think this is just basically something they did on purpose. I would suggest that you check more like this to confirm your suspicions, but as far as I am concerned, different countries maybe have ...
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