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What piece is this? It's a hard one, and a very small one. It's 2x1 I believe, and it could possibly be an accessory

You are partially correct, it is made using two of Antenna Small Lever You can relax, they are not glued, but slotted into the grooves of the 1 x 2 Tile with grille The other wheels of the train are ...
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How tall is the Saturn V set in LEGO units (studs, bricks etc.)?

I've been contemplating this question for quite a while. In the great tradition of this site I felt this needed practical verification. I decided to make a ruler based on scaling up set 5005107, ...
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Looking for the name of this really tiny 1x2 lego part. In microbuilds it is used as wheels, but I think it may officially be an axle

BrickLink calls it 2496 Wheel Skateboard / Trolley
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How tall is the Saturn V set in LEGO units (studs, bricks etc.)?

Other answers seem to be focused on stage dimensions, rather than engines as asked in the question, so I'll address that. Scaling is a pretty easy math. Stud is 8 mm and brick height is 9.6 mm. ...
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Does anybody have pictures of a minicon?

These three images are from BrickCon 2016. I've rearranged certain portions of this moc to make a 4 foot square section of Emerald City Comic Con 2016. It's on flickrvid ECCC This image is from ...
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How tall is the Saturn V set in LEGO units (studs, bricks etc.)?

On the box the entire rocket is shown to be 100cm. I just measured the first stage, that is 40,7cm. Else you can go to and download the instructions aand start counting/calculating (...
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