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It will never hurt to contact Lego support. Customer support is busy right now so at worst you will get a no in a few days. I have had great experience with Lego support, sending me replacement pieces and replacing my NXT brick with a dead screen (common problem). You may need to provide some proof of purchase (for the NXT brick I wasn't, and I don't ...


Power consumption and battery life will of course vary based on the load that the hub is driving. Philo has an extensive analysis for motor power consumption, so I'll just look at what the hub itself consumes while running a program to come up with a baseline battery life estimate. I've uploaded a test Python program to my hub that gently blinks a heartbeat ...


On macOS, it is officialy supported, with the « New LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Home pre-release software for macOS ». I guess that will soon be the case on windows 🥳


Lego changed their website for LEGO MINDSTORMS, so you can download all needed stuff for EV3 or NXT from here:

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