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The hard disk is likely full on the brick. Try deleting some projects to allocate space.


If you’re attempting to use the USB RCX 2.0 on Windows 7, 64 bit OS, I used the free version of Oracle VM VirtualBox. I installed Windows XP. In the settings section of the VM software for the XP machine, go to the USB tab, add the USB IR tower (by clicking on the unlabeled “+ add filter” icon on the right side of the page (note: your host OS will not have ...


A bit more fumbling around led me to an actual installer: I was hesitant to use that because of the word "test", but in fact that's what's needed to work at all. Download bricxcc_setup_33810_20130220.exe from there and run it, and it "just works". The situation above came from a zipped archive, not the ...

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