The head is 3626cpb1091 AKA "Nightwing with red eyes". It only appears in one set, 76011-1 Man-Bat Attack: The torso is 973pb0714c01 AKA "torso witch with green belt". It only appears in set 850487-1 "Halloween Accessory Set" and as a collectible minifigure from Series 2: The legs seem to be plain black legs, way too common to ...


This minifigure is Atlantis Hammerhead Warrior. However it is missing its headgear - Minifigure, Headgear Head Cover, Hammerhead Shark with Eyes and Light Bluish Gray Lines Pattern pictured here:


The leftmost one is Black Widow - Black Hands from 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle: The second has a pair of generic grey legs and the torso of Snake Oiler: The middle one has the legs of Blackbeard from the Pirates of the Caribbean: And the torso of Hector Barbossa: The fourth one is Dengar from Star Wars with different hands: The rightmost one has the ...


Due to the Pantone and Q930-2-1 I would guess it's a Kubrick toy. So it's definitely not Lego. You can buy it on eBay for $11 Australian (plus shipping).


First is sw0603 "Shadow stormtrooper", with Lord Business' hair (from The Lego Movie). Second one is sw0258 "Hoth officer", possibly with a different head. Third one is loc002 "Razcal from the Legends of Chima line. Fourth one is sw0581 "AT-AT driver".


Same as in OP's other minifig identification question, the answer lies within set 75828-1 "Ecto 1&2". The minifig is gb020 "Mayhem". If I remember the movie correctly, this is the ghost that interrupts the rock concert.


The head is part # 3626bpx129 : Minifigure, Head Moustache Black Bangs, Striped Sideburns, Cleft Chin Pattern - Blocked Open Stud Hair Part# 40251 : Minifigure, Hair Female Mid-Length The rapier (sword) is from Brickarms


This is : sp043 : UFO Droid - Blue (Techdroid 1)


Head and torso from purple minifigure belong to Zurg from Toy Story Second minifigure is mixture of several minifgures. Its head is Minifigure, Head Alien Skull with Red Eyes, Metal Eyebrows with Rivets and Metal Jaw with Screws Pattern - Hollow Stud that has been part of two skeletons. Hair piece is Minifigure, Hair Short Tousled with Silver Robot ...


That's from set 75828-1 "Ecto 1&2", part of the Ghostbusters (2016) movie franchise. In particular, the minifig in question is gb016 "Erin Gilbert", depicting the homonymous movie character Judging by the neck collar, your minifig seems to have some parts of the proton pack still attached, but not the entire assembly.


I could only find minifigure head with same face expression but with freckles: Minifigure, Head Dark Brown Eyebrows, Dark Orange Freckles, Open Mouth Crooked Smile Pattern (Jay) - Hollow Stud (3626cpb1872) While I cannot yet confirm if this is the only piece with such face expression, it is not unheard of such modification (within LEGO community), where ...


The whole minifig assembly reminds me of of those services that allow you to print your own image on a torso piece such as Minifigs.me. I wouldn't be surprised if this minifig was made using the same service as I cannot identify the graphic. I suspect this minifig could have been ordered as a promotional item. The actual parts themselves are so common that ...


First one is loc111 "Sykor" from the Legends of Chima line, albeit with a different helmet (I'm guessing part 30171 "aviator cap" in black): Second one is col186 "Prospector" from series 12 collectible minifigures, albeit with a red scarf (part 30133) instead of beard, and different head (part 3626cpb0798 "Head Male White ...


The two Astronauts on the right are Laser Pegs figures The white one is from Laser Pegs Mars Rocket The blue one is from Laser Pegs Mission Control


Hair is Minifigure, Hair Long. In Dark Brown color this was used by just one minifigure, the Highland Battler. Face seems to be one of two versions of Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Dark Brown Eyebrows, Crow's Feet, Smile / Angry Pattern (HP Narcissa), with Blocked Open Stud OR with Hollow Stud. Torso is unrecognizable as the picture isn't clear ...


The last one is from Indiana Jones Part# 973pb0452 - Torso Indiana Jones V-Neck with Bow and Flower Pattern It appears in Marion Ravenwood - White Outfit


The third figure is from a Best-lock Military set I think the alien figures are from Make-It Blocks a Dollartree brand


I note the printing of the light gray doesn't line up on the sides compared to the dark red texture line. The light gray on the top is in the same position relative to the red printing, but on the questionable torso the light gray printing doesn't continue the dark red printing. The dark red printing on the questionable torso seems to be in absolutely the ...

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