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The snowtrooper on the left is not correct. Its torso goes with the AT-AT driver helmet in the question and, as already mentioned, the pants on your Luke-Anakin go with it as well.


The helmet is from an old AT-AT pilot. The set was from back in '09 I think.


Zovits identified most items, the missing helmet is a Stormtrooper Type 2 helmet from an AT-AT driver, which is likely also where the legs from the Anakin/Luke mix figure as identified by Zovits come from. As an added bonus: the torso of this AT-AT driver is used on the middle stormtrooper on the second row from the front, so you have the complete figure.


The figure holding the lightsaber is composed of the head and hair of Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars series: the torso of Luke Skywalker as a Jedi Knight: and a pair of dark gray legs on medium gray hips: The clone figure has the torso of a shock trooper from Ep 3.: But I couldn't find the helmet.

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