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First is sw0603 "Shadow stormtrooper", with Lord Business' hair (from The Lego Movie). Second one is sw0258 "Hoth officer", possibly with a different head. Third one is loc002 "Razcal from the Legends of Chima line. Fourth one is sw0581 "AT-AT driver".


First one is loc111 "Sykor" from the Legends of Chima line, albeit with a different helmet (I'm guessing part 30171 "aviator cap" in black): Second one is col186 "Prospector" from series 12 collectible minifigures, albeit with a red scarf (part 30133) instead of beard, and different head (part 3626cpb0798 "Head Male White ...


Same as in OP's other minifig identification question, the answer lies within set 75828-1 "Ecto 1&2". The minifig is gb020 "Mayhem". If I remember the movie correctly, this is the ghost that interrupts the rock concert.


That's from set 75828-1 "Ecto 1&2", part of the Ghostbusters (2016) movie franchise. In particular, the minifig in question is gb016 "Erin Gilbert", depicting the homonymous movie character Judging by the neck collar, your minifig seems to have some parts of the proton pack still attached, but not the entire assembly.


The head is 3626cpb1091 AKA "Nightwing with red eyes". It only appears in one set, 76011-1 Man-Bat Attack: The torso is 973pb0714c01 AKA "torso witch with green belt". It only appears in set 850487-1 "Halloween Accessory Set" and as a collectible minifigure from Series 2: The legs seem to be plain black legs, way too common to ...

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