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That seems to be part #24787, Minifigure, Hair Spiked Tall Top. So far it has only been released in orange. It came on the 2016 Syndrome minifig, one of the Disney Collectible Minifigures.


I boiled some water. Then I stuck a pencil eraser in the head. After that I dipped mostly just the helmet in the water. Finally, I attached the head to the torso and kept on twisting the helmet until it got loose and fell off. I hope this works for someone else!


No. The hairpiece you link appears to be the same mould as the standard non-movie Wonder Woman figure. The hair falls quite close to the back of the minifigure torso, so there's no room for a neck bracket. If you're looking to add wings to your Wonder Woman, it might be worth investing in a helmet or hairpiece that doesn't cover the back of the torso.


The Lego Group has a policy of not producing modern looking weapon accessories. If what you are looking for are 20th century style weapon accessories for mini figures you will need to look to non-Lego third party vendors.

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