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Getting started creating LEGO kinetic sculptures

If you are interested in kinetic sculptures, as you have already figured out, you would need Technic elements, mostly. While it is possible to use non-Technic elements to build moving contraptions, ...
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Selling a physical build from purchased instructions?

I'm not a lawyer, so this is purely from a layman's understanding. You don't say what jurisdiction you're in, so I don't know if what I'm saying applies to you. But in the USA, the First Sale Doctrine ...
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Are there any existing (or upcoming) aftermarket PoweredUp hubs?

Raspberry Pi produce the "Build HAT" which is an interface board for the Raspberry Pi and it works with Powered Up sensors and motors.
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Designing a customized, life-sized model/copy of flower vase

If the vase needs to be water-tight, then using LEGO bricks alone will not be sufficient, as their tolerances do not result in water-tight walls. But if you plan to put only LEGO flowers inside, you ...
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