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How to buy a lot of 65803 Technic plates for a mosaic project?

Available as a Bestseller at LEGO Pick-and-Build. That means you can order a maximum of 999. Hopefully that is enough for your purposes.
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Good "freeware" mosaic creator

PictoBrick is a good one. It works with real LEGO colors and parts and will give you a parts-list:
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Mounting a mosaic modularly

I can suggest using a base MILS module (BTM-1 on the picture below), basically an extra layer including some Technic Bricks around the edge for connectivity between modules as well as some plates on ...
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What set is the best value for what you pay (lowest average cost per brick)?

Brickset allows you to sort sets by "price per piece" if that's the metric you're interested in. Go to the sets browser, select a year and/or theme, and choose to sort by "Price per ...
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Good "freeware" mosaic creator

Bricklink Studio has a built-in mosaic generator with a lot of options for tweaking. The software also has a mode to generate instructions and supports direct integration with BrickLink’s catalog, ...
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