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How to buy a lot of 65803 Technic plates for a mosaic project?

Available as a Bestseller at LEGO Pick-and-Build. That means you can order a maximum of 999. Hopefully that is enough for your purposes.
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Good "freeware" mosaic creator

PictoBrick is a good one. It works with real LEGO colors and parts and will give you a parts-list:
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Mounting a mosaic modularly

I can suggest using a base MILS module (BTM-1 on the picture below), basically an extra layer including some Technic Bricks around the edge for connectivity between modules as well as some plates on ...
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Good "freeware" mosaic creator

Bricklink Studio has a built-in mosaic generator with a lot of options for tweaking. The software also has a mode to generate instructions and supports direct integration with BrickLink’s catalog, ...
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