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Trying to identify pieces from an image

The back legs consist of the following pieces: 53451 Barb / Claw / Horn / Tooth - Small 98313 Arm Mechanical, Exo-Force / Bionicle, Thick Support 92692 Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Angled Bar Handles ...
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Identify part for a build aggg stuck

That's part 2436 "Bracket 1x2 - 1x4".
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LEGO Plastic Bags #

Bag 20 (scan with QR and the note is 6172090) is the spare pieces for the Harry Potter collection (with hedwig standing on a stack of books). It's so you can make the scarf whichever house colour you ...
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What color is this round plate?

The part is called Plate, Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole (x Shape) and is known to exist in sets in 13 colors (quite more are for sale though). Based on this list and the color photos of all known blue ...
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What is this strange and possibly old white 2x4 brick?

This is Brick, Modified 2 x 4 with Wheels Holder, Trans-Clear Bottom. White colored version was included in 77 sets.
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