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That's a rather old part (50 years, actually) used mainly for tipper buckets in trains or trucks, you can see it in this train for example: Its part ID is 3145.


The Hotel part is from 10182-1: Cafe Corner, The Olive Green canoes come from 70623-1: Destiny's Shadow The brown assemblies on the lower right second picture are from 7662-1: Trade Federation MTT -see step 54 on page 61 and parts from 10696-1: Medium Creative Brick Box ( crocodile) also there is a Smurf and ...


For the rim I would say its original. LEGO made this part in Transparent. It has the correct mound ID 88517 And contains the LEGO logo + copyright symbol Only this part comes in 2 sets which doesn't contain a tire. The tire you have looks like Motorcycle Tyre Ø 100,6. Based on photos I cannot see any visible markings on the outside of the tire. I do own ...


If you would like to get an official statement on this, your best bet is to contact LEGO's customer service. Here are some pointers you might consider when communicating with them: It seems like your question is about some of the electronic components. So, let's narrow down your question to those. The battery in the #42009 LEGO Mobile Crane has two studs ...

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