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The part is Window Round 3 x 3 x 2 (73878). It was a new mold for 2021, and one of its first uses was as windows on Andrea's House (41449). This piece can be used on buildings anywhere you'd like a curved window. It is easy to imagine how it could have been used on earlier sets, such as the "curved" windows on the Pet Shop: This part introduces ...


I think these bricks are Lino Method


I could only find minifigure head with same face expression but with freckles: Minifigure, Head Dark Brown Eyebrows, Dark Orange Freckles, Open Mouth Crooked Smile Pattern (Jay) - Hollow Stud (3626cpb1872) While I cannot yet confirm if this is the only piece with such face expression, it is not unheard of such modification (within LEGO community), where ...


These are early IDEMA bricks. Photo from linked site:


This is part # 821 Garage Door Frame


This stickered Slope 10 6 x 8 comes from 9464: The Vampyre Hearse

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