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Looks like Set #70503 - The Golden Dragon. I looked up this unique modified 2x2 brick to get a short list of possible sets. Visually, looked at the yellow/gold color scheme of the pieces in the bags to get a sense of the what to exclude when scrolling down said short list. Looked for crazy looking pieces from the bag to compare within the set. Like this ...


Picture little blurry, but this is what I see... The builder attached the tiles to Part Number Forty-Seventy. Part #4864a, the (black) window piece is really trans-black in color, but the way it's used here, with it being reversed and all, obstructs the proper identity of the white 1x1 bricks, causing some viewing tricks on the eyes...


Welcome to Bricks.SE! The picture is a bit of an eye-chart, but upon zooming in you can see that the white lines (and the grey lines in other pillars) are half a plate high. This means they are likely the vertical part of a white 99780 Bracket 1x2 - 1x2 Inverted or 99207 Bracket 1x2 - 2x2 Inverted, placed vertically facing down against the back structure of ...


This is the so-called Bad Robot Arm, introduced with the Exo-Force theme but used since then:


01 - Part #6003 - Plate, Round Corner 6 x 6. [Color] Dark Bluish Grey. 02 - Part #3795 - Plate 2 x 6. [Color] Dark Bluish Grey. 03 - Part #3700 Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole. [Color] Black. 04 - Part #60897 - Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical - Type 4 (thick open O clip). [Color] Black. 05 - Part #3024 - Plate 1 x 1. [Color] Black. 06 - ...


These are Skeleton Arm #4: and Skeleton Leg:


LEGO heard the wishes, and finally put one out new this year (2019). Part #49649 Minifigure, Utensil Shopping Cart Frame. Part #2496 Wheel Skateboard / Trolley. Is this for a Fortnite project?


Set #96845 Covenant Brute Chopper. Build instructions HERE.

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