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Help identifying a corn brick (Duplo or Mega Bloks?)

It belongs to Mega Bloks McQueen set or Thomas the Train from about 2010 set. I have four of them from my child’s set he had.
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Looking for piece name/number, it looks like a wedge with 4 studs

I believe this is an assembly of (at least) three parts: 11477 Slope brick curved 2x1 29120 Slope brick curved 2x1 with left cutout 41770 Wing 2x4 left I also think that the three indentations of ...
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Are there duplo bricks 1x4x1 and 1x2x1?

Alex's answer is correct, 1x2x2 or 2x2x1 are the "smallest Duplo pieces available". I just wanted to add why there are no "1x2x1" or "similar small" pieces. This is a ...
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Identifying a K'nex-like piece

It is Micro K'NEX It's a 40mm Grey Rod and here it is for sale on two unofficial K'nex reseller sites:
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Which parts do not have the LEGO logo stamped on them?

Here is a technic piece that is identical in every way except it has no logo... cast from the same mold basically since the dimples are even the same
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