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It seems to be that these elements belong to more than one set. Polybags with green window shutters are from Doors and Windows (6117) Polybags containing blue flag and some other elements in Bright Light Orange are from The Lion CHI Temple (70010)


You can find all of these elements listed on Bricklink under "Technic, Steering" category Assembled combinations are: Technic, Steering Portal Axle, Housing with Dark Bluish Gray Technic, Steering Wheel Hub 3 Pin Round (92908 / 92909) Technic, Steering Axle with 2 Pin Holes and 2 Axle Holes with Dark Bluish Gray Wheel Hub (23801 / 92909) Technic,...


With thanks to RSchulz, This is a Playmobil part It belongs to : Playmobil 6774 - Garbage truck


That would be Part # 4594 : Windscreen 2 x 4 x 2 Vertical with HP Shrunken Head Pattern from Set # 4755: Knight Bus


These look like "Blue-Box" , a construction toy from Singapore From Blue Box basic elements with a 2X4 LEGO brick on the right The inside of a "Blue-Box" construction set


I don't think so; I've seen a lot of old Lego, and I'm fairly sure I've never seen these before. BrickLink has a window category, and none of the pieces in there match. Sorry.


This is Part # 45301pb023 : Wedge 16 x 4 Triple Curved with SW V-wing Starfighter Pattern (Sticker) It appears in 7915: Imperial V-wing Starfighter


IR Transmitter Tower exist in both USB version as well as Serial cable version. Page 7 of instructions for one of the sets (3804) that was using USB version has following explanation: Transcription: The IR Tower establishes a wireless link between your computer and the RCX. With the IR Tower, programs can be downloaded from computer to RCX. These programs ...


Why they exist: to transmit programs from your computer to the Mindstorms smart brick (which is really another, probably smaller, computer). This was before USB ubiquity, and it also prevented children from plugging and unplugging a cable at the back of their computer, which is a dangerous move, even for adults.


The finish of the piece and the numbering scheme reminds me of Megabloks pieces, but it is far from a 100% sure, definitive answer. After half an hour of searching on Google and on the Megabloks website, I have seen no such product that would contain this piece, but based on its apparent age, this information is still not decisive.


Minifigure, Hand Armor - Partnumber 28803 or 15407 Pearl Dark Gray

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