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This is Part # 45301pb023 : Wedge 16 x 4 Triple Curved with SW V-wing Starfighter Pattern (Sticker) It appears in 7915: Imperial V-wing Starfighter


Step 45 of instructions for 42100 set shows entire drive-train for one side of the tracks before it is being covered with some panels and beams. I've taken that image and have drafted a rough path between the motor and Tread Sprocket Wheel that will then transfer this motion to tread links. As you can see Clutch is within this drive-train, so it makes clear ...


This is a torque-limiting component. When one side is prevented from turning but the other side is forced to turn, the inner piece comes out of its "click location" and into the next one. It requires quite a large torque before it activates. You will not be able to generate the torque just by turning the two components with your bare hands. To see ...


These photos of side-by-side 2x4 bricks may be able to explain why people disagree as to the height of a Lego stud:


The finish of the piece and the numbering scheme reminds me of Megabloks pieces, but it is far from a 100% sure, definitive answer. After half an hour of searching on Google and on the Megabloks website, I have seen no such product that would contain this piece, but based on its apparent age, this information is still not decisive.


Many sets have had mold changes over the years, as they get slightly redesigned, or even just wear out. I would rest at ease. It's the old pieces that don't have ANY markings that say Lego that always worry me. Edited: I took photos of two Duplo train track pieces I noticed today. I merged them together to show the scales are (very close to) the same, yet ...


1x1 plates in transparent colors (mainly red and green) from the Lego space sets in the 80's/90's seem to use a plastic that is very brittle to start with and doesn't age well. Just pushing one of those onto a stud can be enough to break the piece in 2 or more parts. I just rebuild all my old sets over the Christmas holiday to identify and replace missing/...


Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3, better known under "Cheese Slope" name is another element that tend to crack even in the modern days no matter what color is being used. Technic U-joints are also quite vulnerable parts in motorized applications.


Without about the hinge plate. All three I had in 6652 and 6678 broke at the time which was really disappointing in pre-Internet times as you had no way of replacing them.

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