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Will my mighty white rocket yellow in direct sunlight?

Absolutely it will. The yellowing is caused by exposure to UV light, which it will get more of with direct sunlight shining on it. If it has to be in the window you could look at some glass coverings ...
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What is the best way to exhibit extra large sets, like Taj Mahal?

Disclaimer: I don't own the set in question and I'm not affiliated with anyone selling products mentioned below. Searching in Google for "lego taj mahal acrylic cover" reveals a staggering ...
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Do WHITE LEGO elements fade or yellow while sealed for years, or do they stay their perfect white original color?

Lego bricks typically turn yellow due to a chemical change that occurs when UV light interacts with flame-retardants in the plastic. So bricks stored in darkness shouldn't turn yellow at all.
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Do extra parts add to set's resell value?

Generally, I think it doesn't add much value. But it depends. Some sets, like US version of 8284, have extra parts crucial for alternative model (aka B-model). So unless you include them, you are ...
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Why are my pieces breaking? "3612 Arm piece straight with 2 and 3 fingers"

During the 90's I was gifted older LEGO bricks from a friend of my parents that were about 30 years old. Many were discolored, warped and specifically the blue and gray pieces would break if flexed. ...
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Protecting a minifig from wear Here's someone that paints LEGO's. The seal they use should work for you. You should apply more coats for more protection. How about sealer? ...
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Lubricating train axles - which oil to use?

Generally for this sort of thing the recommendation is a "light machine oil" (the wording from the Hornby Maintenance sheets). These are "non-penetrating" and so won't damage the ...
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Protecting a minifig from wear

My solution to preserving your LEGO figures graphics would be to use translucent plasti-dip, which is normally used for tools to give them a grip as well as color code them. Assuming, of course, that ...
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Lubricating train axles - which oil to use?

Petroleum based lubricants you need to be careful with, since they can act as solvents. Zhaph mentioned non-penetrating machine oil, this sounds like a safe bet. If you are in doubt, grab a gnawed ...
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