You can get community support for Pybricks at https://github.com/pybricks/support. ir.buttons(1) returns a list of pressed buttons, so in this particular program if ir.buttons(1) == Button.BEACON: needs to be changed to if Button.BEACON in ir.buttons(1): This will test if item is in list.


This could be due to a bad SD card or due to bad flashing software. For example, there was a broken version of the Etcher software in early 2019 that caused the same symptoms [1].


You are using the function run_target... which tells the motor to run to a specific angle. So it turns to an absolute position... This might be correct for the pen_up and pen_down cases, but I think that for the movement, you want relative movement, i.e. relative from your current position, hence I think the instruction you need is run_angle instead of ...


Printing text in pybricks-micropython on ev3dev has known performance issues, so we don't recommend doing that in a loop. The trade off is that, unlike ev3-g, you can also print in other languages that don't use Latin scripts like Chinese and Russian. Most other things should run much faster.


That is just the default state of the light when pybricks-micropython starts. You can get help with Pybricks programming at https://github.com/pybricks/support.

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