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Examples of LEGO Rubber Bands Used For Friction Enclosure?

I personally would steer clear of a "cookie jar" setup. The very suggestion of it's inherent qualities suggests something that wasn't meant to transport, but rather sit on a solid counter. The ...
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Procuring alternative rubber bands

I am doing research for this answer from time to time and this answer is going to be updated as I learn new things. Feel free to suggest edits or post your own answer if you have better information. ...
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What do the 'X' and 'K' codes mean for rubber bands?

The prefix 'x' means that the element design-ID used by LEGO is not known or was not known at the time it was entered into the Peeron database (www.Peeron.com). If a design-ID is known, the people who ...
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Are silicone rubber bands safe for LEGO?

Silicone does not appear to be safe with ABS plastic This sounded like a good idea to me since silicone works well in other extreme circumstances like baking, but the quick research I've done says ...
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How can I prevent rubber bands disintegrating?

In addition to exposure to heat and UV light (as highlighted in the linked question): Temperature fluctuations can cause the rubber to expand and contract which will weaken the rubber. Certain ...
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