You've already discovered yourself two good ways: count by ten put elements on large surface by type The latter technique can be extended to an art called "knolling": Place all elements by type in right lines with right angles on a large surface... Its a very relaxing exercise and fun in its own right. Checking completeness becomes trivial, building ...


Searching Bricklink.com for all sets that have Part # 30056 - Fence 4 x 4 x 2 Quarter Round Spindled with 2 Studs. We get the image of your plane, which is from Set #3451 - Sopwith Camel. Looks like your model needs a serious dusting.


This might sound crazy, but: JUST BUILD IT!! Follow the instructions step by step and you will see when something is missing. You can make a copy of the instructions and strike out every part you have used if you have trouble keeping track.


One resource I know of that can be considered both correct and up to date is the LEGO set designers' BrickLists. In a few other cases (mostly for larger releases, like in the Ideas line) one might find an interview with the original submitter and the designer who finalized the product for release:


This looks like 10667 Construction: You can grab the instructions from Brickset.


I have found that following solution works best for me. Download and install BrickStock. This software has multiple uses, however for this case we would explore just a single feature. Once installed go to File > Import > BrickLink Set Inventory and filter by set number. Don't forget to select All Items in Category list. Now you need to select all parts (...


Here is a parts list for the CORE SET: https://brickset.com/sets/45544-1/Education-EV3-Core-Set And here is a parts list for the Toy Robot Building Kit: https://brickset.com/sets/31313-1/Mindstorms-EV3 In the future, there is a good chance that Brickset has an inventory!


Rebrickable has an option to compare two sets, MOCs or combination of both to see which parts are in common and unique to each of set/MOC. Here is a comparison results between both EV3 Core and retail EV3 versions. You can also spot the "v1" for 31313 set, which means there is more than one inventory known for this set, so this is something you can ...


A year or two ago I got Mindstorms 31313, but I wanted to be able to build the models from the Education Core set too, so I put together a spreadsheet comparing the parts in each. Here is a Google Sheet with the part lists and the union of the sets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-bsj9zYrhTREDUyOfGJm83c2htyJIUeL408NDJd_jjM/edit?usp=sharing Feel free ...


You're definitely going in the right direction with this. I've done this for sets that family had that had missing pieces as well as to part together sets that I wanted to build. I print out the bricklink part list, sorted by color. I write on the part list how many I find of each part. To help with sorting the parts I will stack things that are easy to ...

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