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Rebrickable has an option to compare two sets, MOCs or combination of both to see which parts are in common and unique to each of set/MOC. Here is a comparison results between both EV3 Core and retail EV3 versions. You can also spot the "v1" for 31313 set, which means there is more than one inventory known for this set, so this is something you can ...


A year or two ago I got Mindstorms 31313, but I wanted to be able to build the models from the Education Core set too, so I put together a spreadsheet comparing the parts in each. Here is a Google Sheet with the part lists and the union of the sets: Feel free ...


Here is a parts list for the CORE SET: And here is a parts list for the Toy Robot Building Kit: In the future, there is a good chance that Brickset has an inventory!

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