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Set #70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon. The color, sand green, doesn't come up often in sets. Cross search a very unique piece in this off color, to get a short list of potential hits, then zone in.


Looking up all sets that have this piece in tan, had me guessing at Set #5771-1 Hillside House. EDIT: At least two maybe a third set... Looking at white fence in upper right corner of 2nd pic. Set #3938 Andrea's Bunny House. Again looking at that upper right hand corner of 2nd pic. I spy with my little eye a tan cone that is not in the previous sets....


This part is Tower Roof W. Tiles and because its only made in 3 colors and as the other two available colors are black and lilac, this must be the sand green version. Color in the photo has a more blueish tint to it This version is only used in two Harry Potter Hogwarts set: 4842-1: Hogwarts Castle 4867-1: Hogwarts


This bag is from 60150-1: Pizza Van Based on: 6015347: Plate 3X3 in Medium Stone Grey 4618986: Plate 2X6 in New Dark Red And the yellow parts According the instructions bag two is for the van

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