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Can I buy replacement bags through Lego?

I don't know what AliExpress sells, but for genuine LEGO sets customer service typically does not store the bags that are in sets, but if it's not too old, they probably have all the parts (possibly ...
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Instructions or details for the buildings in Set 190

I had this same set as a kid and there were no instructions on how to build the house or barn This caused me and my father (who is an architect) endless frustration. He wrote to LEGO and they replied ...
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1 vote

How accurate is the model 42179 Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit?

I was working through this math myself. With the Lego sized earth (39mm), I'm coming up with a scale sun being 4.2m large, but 457m away. I'm using 150,000,000m as earth to sun distance. Am I ...
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