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You've already discovered yourself two good ways: count by ten put elements on large surface by type The latter technique can be extended to an art called "knolling": Place all elements by type in right lines with right angles on a large surface... Its a very relaxing exercise and fun in its own right. Checking completeness becomes trivial, building ...


Everything's going according to plan. Check out Youtuber Sariel's review on your set HERE. At about 26mins in, he addresses your concern. He notes the looseness of the feet when fully deployed, and says there are 4 pads stored in a compartment over the front axle. Just build on.


The EV3 expansion set 45560 comes to mind: Although intended as a extension to the educational EV3 set, it's mainly technic elements.


It might be impossible to give the precise number simply because some older sets are yet to be found and new ones are being added with a slight delay. These three are the major websites having the most details about sets: Bricklink catalog has 15824 sets in its catalog. Brickset has 16378 sets. Rebrickable has 15432 sets. As you can see numbers are ...


There was a Technic sub-theme called Universal that was available mostly in the 1980's. The sets did come with instructions to build as many as 4 different models, but each model rarely used all the parts. The models were more of a demonstration of how to use the parts in interesting ways. You can browse the sets in the Technic Universal theme here: https:/...


From a train point of view those wheels will fit happily within the guides of the bridge, and the connections on the tracks should just about fit as well. I'm fairly sure we bought our bridge when we were staying in a holiday cottage that had a load of the old black track, and it connected to the track successfully, but you may need to work with some curves ...


This might sound crazy, but: JUST BUILD IT!! Follow the instructions step by step and you will see when something is missing. You can make a copy of the instructions and strike out every part you have used if you have trouble keeping track.


Checking part inventory for this set on Rebrickable I found following part to be unique: 10169 - Minifigure, Utensil Sack / Bag with Handle in Green Review posted on New Elementary also suggest pilot's torso and legs are new/unique prints. The rest seem to be released in other sets. Some parts are quite old or have been produced in small number of sets.


I found a YouTube video which has pictures for each page in the instruction booklets. The quality is pretty good and each step is readable.


I have found that following solution works best for me. Download and install BrickStock. This software has multiple uses, however for this case we would explore just a single feature. Once installed go to File > Import > BrickLink Set Inventory and filter by set number. Don't forget to select All Items in Category list. Now you need to select all parts (...


You're definitely going in the right direction with this. I've done this for sets that family had that had missing pieces as well as to part together sets that I wanted to build. I print out the bricklink part list, sorted by color. I write on the part list how many I find of each part. To help with sorting the parts I will stack things that are easy to ...


PDF's for scanned official building instructions can be found at the very end of set review at New Elementary.


In 2017 the $500 2007 UCS Millennium Falcon was surpassed by... ... an $800 UCS Millennium Falcon numbered 75192, which is currently still available.

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