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Lepin (rebranded to King) sets are very high quality, although Technic pieces can be a bit too loose or too tight. Decool is supposed to be better for Technic pieces. Bela is similar to Lepin / King. All three brands produce only clones of LEGO sets as far as I know. XingBao is owned by the same company that produces Lepin / King sets, but all their sets ...


I'm afraid there's no real way to definitely answer such a question; considering this pertains to LEGO's marketing strategy which is not public. However, there are some insights we can gather from existing sets: Licenses must be negotiated. As such, sets from licenses LEGO already has (Disney, Marvel, DC, for example) are easier for LEGO to produce since ...


Yes there is. However, it requires two pieces of knowledge: You need to understand how BrickLink or BrickSet categorize the 10,000+ types of LEGO bricks in existence. This means knowing the difference between a Brick, a Plate and a Tile, understanding the various Modified versions of these basic types etc. You need to be able to identify pieces in your ...


There are lots of really good sites which list the parts in sets. and are the two I use the most.

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