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The diameter of a bar (i.e. the axle) is the same as the distance between two studs. This can be leveraged in a variety of ways using hollow studs and bars. This uses upside-down 85861 1x1 round plates and short bar parts (48729): The hollow studs can be moved up and down in order to adjust the friction. Same technique, using 3959 Minifig Utensil, Torch and ...


Just like the other answer by @matthew jensen, I do not have the roller coaster wheels in my possession, so my answer is entirely based on what seems to work in It looks like you can construct a basic wheelholder using part 3176 - Plate 2x3 with Hole. Here is how I would do this: I am using 2 small 1x2 - 1x2 inverted brackets and a 2x3 plate in the ...


Disclaimer: I don't have the roller coaster wheels or body, and have not tried this. The Skateboard with mag wheels comes to mind, as an example of a bar connection with little friction. If I remember correctly, the wheel bars are of normal diameter (regular clips have normal friction), so it is the board clips which are slightly larger than a regular clip.

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