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Based on the full set of Star Wars films, from episodes I to VI, and the animated Clone Wars film and TV series this was the first licensed theme the LEGO Group produced.

In 1998 the LEGO Group entered into a licensing agreement with Lucasfilm Limited, giving them the right to develop and market sets based on the Star Wars films.

This theme is still going strong, and updated models are often released as building techniques are improved or new elements are introduced: for example there have been 4 "standard" scale Millennium Falcons (including the UCS version), at least 3 X-wings and many others.

Sets have ranged from the small micro scale Mini Models such as the MINI TIE Fighter [set:3219]: Mini TIE Fighter

Right up to the Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon [set:10179]: UCS Millennium Falcon

As with all other licensed sets, the minifigures switched to having realistic skin tones in 2004.

In 2012, the Storm Troopers finally gained faces: Storm Trooper Faces