Perhaps something like this using 1x4 arches could work? This does work out to being 2 modules too wide for 1:1 scale with a GameCube, but the trade-off in accuracy may be worth it to you to get the round ports. It appears to be only 1 module wider than your current design. Here's more detail of the build steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Final ...


Note. Speaking from my experience from year 1990 onward. During this time I can distinguish at least 3 periods of different experience with stickers. From 1990 till sometime before 2000 (or early 2000's) there was period of superb stickers. Plastic was thick and glue was superb. I don't know what else LEGO used by then but most of them have survived my ...


You should get in touch with LEGO Customer Support. I'm sure they will be more than happy to ship you missing sticker sheet. If you are still looking to purchase the stickers instead, you can do so on Bricklink.


I think it depends on series, if set is licensed as well as targeting audience. Sometime printed parts are used in a place where sticker would be hard to apply. Architecture series, is a good example where stickers are not used since series are advertised as premium product. Duplo and Juniors use printed parts too as these are targeted for young kids. ...


you can contact LEGO customer service by email, phone and chat about missing parts or sticker sheets for second party sellers, try Bricklink

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