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I have set from Agents theme yet the database doesn't contain my set

This is part of 8631-1: Jetpack Pursuit
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What is LEGO Xtra?

LEGO xtra is a theme of sets that focus on adding play value to your existing sets by providing accessories or play areas. For example, LEGO xtra Traffic Lights adds 4 buildable traffic lights and a ...
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Looking for sets to use as components of a 1930s - 1940s European city

What about the 75930 Indoraptor Rampage for an almost timeless mansion? Without the raptors it is not too expensive. The 10228 Haunted house could provide a good basis for a rebrick of a nice ...
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What went in the orange cylinders from Mars Mission?

I'd assume from the partslist this guy is in the tube:
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What happened to "LEGO Service"?

As I am not a LEGO employee I can only guess, but I would say the LEGO Service line got replaced with LEGO Pick-a-Brick (and LEGO Service’s Bricks & Pieces) as a way for customers to get their ...
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M-Tron spaceships complete list

BrickSet has a list of items in the Space: M-Tron theme.
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What is the difference between Star Wars UCS and Master Builder Series?

Both the Master Builder Series and UCS will continue. Here's the official distinction from the LEGO Star Wars team: The Master Builder Series models are large playsets and beside being complex ...
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How do I find a set in a bunch of jumbled up pieces

Start by looking for some rarer pieces. Not regular 4x2 bricks, but maybe a slide or a odd-shaped wall piece. Under each brick will be a four or 5 digit number. Go to and search for that ...
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