While a few are indeed sets there are some I can't recall seeing (such as the Information Center, which was probably too specalised to deserve it's own set). As already pointed out the Pizzeria set is very similar to the one in-game. The set "6598 Metro PD Station" was the in-game police station, incuding jail. The helicopter could be build during in a ...


Wow, I remember these. Certainly takes me back! These versions of the cases I believe were used right back in about 1997-1999 when Lego first started releasing PC games. Exact information is hard to come by, but I personally still have (in a box in my cupboard) the cases for Lego Chess, Creator, Racers, and Loco, some of the first PC games released, all with ...


I had/have a collection of the first set of Lego games. The ones I had with a studded case as are as follows (will attempt to get pictures). LEGO Creator (Standard, non Harry Potter or Knights Kingdom) LEGO Loco LEGO Chess (never managed to beat the final game...) Legoland LEGO Stunt Rally (4 players on one computers was, and still is, rare. And squishy) ...


Unfortunately, that's not a factual statement. I contacted the Wikipedia user who added that content, and he informed me that that statement was in error. You can add custom models, but not directly from LDraw, LDD, or similar tools.


I think the original Alpha Team sets are the one's you're looking for, including the LEGO Alpha Team Secret Mission Collectors Pack which includes: [bs:6771] with Ogel [bs:6773] with Dash [bs:6774] with Cam and Flex There are also: [bs:6772] with Radia [bs:6775] with Charge, Crunch and Tee Vee (a robot) [bs:6776] with Ogel and two minion commanders.


You mean one of these? Basically, you'll need two circle of these 4 x 4 corner bricks: Separated by some of these Plate 1 x 2 with Handle: I don't think the centre red tile with an "R" on it exists, so I think you'll have to make one out of card or something.


Here is the Race Track: Set 6337 The Buggy: Set 6518 The shuttle from Set 6339 is seen ingame (Race, Outro). Also, the fire engine from Set 6340 is in the game, possible that it looks a bit different. On this site, people show their own LEGO Island Buildings, many of them are pretty good, like the Information Center: http://www.mocpages.com/group_mocs....

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