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What are these magnetic LEGO-like bricks?

According to this article these are called "Bombo Magnet". Bombo Magnet-1963. Bricks made of a metal plate with studs, a magnet, and its plastic cover. The plastic "grid" on the ...
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Can you identify these 2 retro bricks? A red piece with notch and steps, and a green circle

1st is a train part, Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Steam Engine Cylinder, Round Surfaces, Interior Grooves 2nd is Fabuland Trash Can Lid 5 x 5
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4 votes

How many original LEGO wooden ducks are left?

Answering the question in your bounty edit ("I'm looking for any public case of an original wooden duck being owned or sold"): Here is a forum entry by someone in the USA who managed to buy ...
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Part Identification - What are these bricks?

A picture from Identify (very old) bricks with 2 studs provided me with the answer: It's "American Bricks", the plastic ones, manufactured by "Elgo Plastics, Inc". They date around ...
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What brand of non-Lego bricks are these with hollow studs and diagonal walls on their undersides?

I find the article Bricks on Display: a collection of interlocking building bricks on brickset to be a good source of information for this kind of question. These appear to be Montini bricks (made by ...
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