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this brick has always annoyed me, when sorting my bricks


Weights: The 2 x 6 x 2 weight elements are pretty good. Boat Weight Train Weight Magnets: Train Magnets are also pretty dense, though not very large and are now rather pricey. Rubber: Any solid rubber wheels also pretty dense. Avoid the hollow ones full or air. Batteries: If you need a lot of weight, you might also add a battery box, full of ...


Without batteries installed, the NXT brick weighs 159.3 grams, so that's about 0.351 pounds. Do take into account the added weight of what ever batteries you have installed, though, as that will almost double the weight, and not all types of AA batteries weigh the same. If you're using a rechargeable battery, then for reference, the original NXT ...


Bricklink has this information for most sets. If you search for the set number, you get several entries. The top one is the entire set, and has the weight for the full sealed box with parts and instructions. Then there are two more entries, one for the Instructions and one for the Box. See here for an example using set 41314 Stephanie’s House. If you go ...


What a tricky (bricky!) question. Let's estimate... By Weight So, can one estimate the number of bricks in a bag or box by weight? In fact, they do weigh bags and boxes over at the factory to make sure there aren't any parts missing. But of course they're just comparing expected weights. That's why you can't simply weigh a big mix of unknown bricks to ...


A second EV3 with a battery pack is one of the best things you can add to the existing design, provided your robot has space to conveniently house it (but sumo robots typically do). It is actually dual-use: not only does it give weight, but you can add even more motors or sensors to your robot design. There's an added bonus if you use the EV3 with the ...


LEGO Scale (approximately 1:40) 1 stud = .318 in (~5/16 in) 3 studs = 0.95 in 4 studs = 1.27 in. 3.18 studs = 1 in. 11 studs = 3.5 in. 16 studs = 5.09 in. Dimensions = .96 cm ht x 3.2 cm length x 1.6 cm depth. To scale real world weight to 1 Minifigure (MF), multiply pounds (lbs) by 0.0067, tons by 13.33, and kilograms (kg) by 0.0147. As ...


Another alternative could be the mindstorms EV3 steel ball, it's fairly small and heavy. Possible downside is: it is almost impossible to mount so it will just have to be enclosed with bricks or beams and even then it may rattle.


If the parts came from sets then you can search for the sets, and it will then tell you how many parts is in each set. It is then just a matter of summing them up. If the parts are not part of a set then im afraid there is no easy way to do that, especically if the parts are quite varied.

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