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I am a full time multi-language Software Engineer with a proven record of picking up new tech without any problems. Software engineering is a passion, both my career and hobby.

I have experience working in all types of companies across various sectors, including some of the largest in Europe. I've worked mostly on back-end systems through my career, both maintaining and upgrading existing systems and building new systems from the ground up.

Whilst I prefer to work "in house" where projects are longer running with scope for continual improvements, I am open to agencies. Although I am not interested in code sweat shops that pop out clients twice a week.

In my spare time I hack around with embedded hardware and mostly hack my home automation setup. In some ways it's a test bed and learning platform for new tech.

I love open source and have always been involved in some way. Previously I have spoken at a number of conferences for example. I am also a regular contributor to various projects that I use.

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