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Turn a tank a specific number of degrees
2 votes

A 360 degree turn takes: (width of robot/circumference of wheel) turns, neglecting track thickness, assuming the tracks are at sides if the robot. The length of track doesn't matter. Your robots non-...

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How to remember initial position of a robot and return to it
4 votes

You have two options. You can use an accelerometer. Lego sells one that can be found here. There are also aftermarket ones at This allows you to independently measure the ...

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Exact dimensions of studless Technic beams
Accepted answer
5 votes

Liftarms are 1 stud wide (8 mm) and 7 mm high so they have a 7:8 aspect ratio. (width is the direction parallel to they axis of rotation of the peg holes). As pictured in the link, the 1x9 liftarm ...

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