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17 votes

What is this LEGO minifigure with yellow face shield and lots of teeth?

15 votes

What piece is this? It's a hard one, and a very small one. It's 2x1 I believe, and it could possibly be an accessory

14 votes

What glass piece is this?

12 votes

Need help to identify this LEGO set - white, gold, grey, blue, and earth tones

12 votes

LEGO 3069 tile 1x2 (dark?)grey with red and gold pattern and with yellow and white pattern

10 votes

Estimate building time for a given LEGO set

8 votes

Why do older bricks have greater clutch power?

7 votes

What set is this bag from? Black, white, technic

6 votes

Make and take set identification - white, tan, brown, and a long yellow axle

6 votes

What is part 53119 supposed to represent?

5 votes

What is this set with tan plates and dark red and dark tan tiles?

5 votes

Alternative ways of attaching roller coaster wheels

4 votes

Last help question of the day for this novice

4 votes

Missing Decals After Purchasing

4 votes

Why don't LEGO Minifigures have ears?

3 votes

Which basic lego blocks exist with pins on top with the same rectangular shapes top and bottom

3 votes

What LEGO sets include minifigure with both arms and hands molded together?

2 votes

Can all Lego Loco characters be recreated in real life?

1 vote

Comparing LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Toy Robot Building Kit - 31313

0 votes

How does the 8365 Tuneable Racer work?

-1 votes

Will non-Lego remote controls work with Lego IR receivers?