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How do I build a curved wall?
30 votes

If you make a wall out of 1 x 2 bricks, where each layer overlaps by a 1-stud offset, and make the wall long enough, you can bend it into a smooth curve because of the manufacturing tolerance between ...

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Which sets currently contain pneumatic LEGO equipment?
8 votes

The set that had the most pneumatic cylinders was the Lego Technic Backhoe, with something around 10. Unfortunately, this set is discontinued. You can, however, buy it on Bricklink. It is, by far, ...

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What is considered the most valuable LEGO set?
4 votes

I think by actual worth sometime down the road, the most valuable set will be Lego Castle 6075, known to fans as "Yellow Castle".

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Can you build accurate models using 100% LEGO elements by following Megablocks instructions?
1 votes

Yes - I remember as a child, I built the USS Kittyhawk (a set that is an absolute nightmare to build with Mega Bloks) out of LEGO parts. All of the pieces, aside from the stickers, have either an ...

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Can I control 2 NXT bricks from a computer using bluetooth at the same time?
1 votes

I've used RWTH and vouch for its effectiveness. However, if you don't have MATLAB, don't know how to use MATLAB, or just want an open-source solution, you can use the Perl module for controlling the ...

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What are all the different third-party accessories that I can get for an RCX?
-2 votes

My favorite third party accessory is the Playstation 2 controller interface for the NXT. Also you can ...

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