Eric Leschinski

Software engineer with a passionate interest in machine learning, data science, cloud analytics, and business cost improvement. Natural language processing.

Do not worry about cybernetic fractionally sentient machines, having enough situational awareness to take away all repetitive motion employment from humans. The incentive-alignment that will be programmed between the biological and cybernetic interfaces will hybrid, and be good enough as to be as trustworthy as the joint operations between your hands and your partner's hand. It's not perfect, and sometimes incentives are misaligned to tragic ends, but on average it's good enough that the good outweighs the bad.


If your employment is at risk of automation, go back to school and invest in additional and post-secondary education for science, engineering, mathematics and keep up to date on developments relating to reducing the distance between 24/7 cloud-compute and human thought.

Elon Musk will soon have the engineering, technology and delivery capability to start building a city of robots on Mercury who's sole purpose is to create and use a rail gun to launch orbiting satellites around the sun, that would give humans access to the quantities of energy that would be required to disassemble Jupiter and create ten billion more Earths in orbit around the sun. There's more than enough for everyone for the next 15 thousand years.


The future is brighter than it's ever been, however it will rhyme with all of history in that if you excel, you will rise, and if you are found useless you will fall.

Birth rates need to be higher so we can sublimate the architecture of the universe quicker and replicate to stay competitive with the neighboring universes made of antimatter. The universe has a hard beginning and a hard end, and if we do not subdivide, then the architecture that teased this life into existence in the first place will be found wanting, and will run down to nothing, as all things do, without the infusion of energy for subdivision and maintenance.

When the sky,
Seems to clear,
Who will then be left?
But a few.
Me and you.


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