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I am a passionate software engineer, specialized in object-oriented and web development. I enjoy working with new technologies to deliver great applications.

I love learning new skills and constantly strive for improving my work. To stay up to date and improve my craft, I spend a lot of time reading (technical or nontechnical books, blogs, articles …), listening to podcasts and contributing to open source projects. I also enjoy applying and sharing what I learnt through those channels.

I believe I deliver the best when working through the full development lifecycle, from idea to deployment, collaborating with customers and all the team members to create great solutions, and as such, I am a huge proponent of the agile methodologies and practices.

I am used to working in multi-cultural teams, and I have been part of multiple projects in different countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, India, Luxembourg) and different domains (public organizations, logistics, retail, banking, bio-testing).

My strengths

  • Very good knowledge of web-technologies: server-side, client-side & HTTP
  • Fond of object-oriented programming and interested in other paradigms
  • Fast-learner and enthusiast-teacher
  • Curious, pro-active & perfectionist …: always seeking improvement …
  • but pragmatic: practicality beats purity
  • Agile practices fanatic: deliver early, TDD, Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Used to communicating in several languages
  • Sensitive to Design and User-Experience
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