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How to import Rebrickable.com parts lists to LDraw?
Accepted answer
5 votes

I don't think you "import the document into LDraw" since I don't think there is an LDraw program; it's a library of all parts. CAD programs manipulate those parts. I tried various CAD programs over ...

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Is there a current source for the LGEO parts library?
2 votes

As stated in your "various places" link, the LDraw.org web site maintains an All-In-One-Installer (AIOI) which contains and installs LGEO and is updated in January every year so I assume they use the ...

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Angular resolution of NXT motor
1 votes

I found the resolution of the EV3 motors by attaching a 90° connection to the motor, and a long axle with a pointer at the end so I could see changes in small angles. By running a loop a large number ...

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