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What Lego part(s) would hurt the most to step on?
11 votes

I think this one would be in the top 5: Tile, Modified 2 x 2 with Pin (part 2460)

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Smallest rubber wheel that can be turned by a technic axle
Accepted answer
9 votes

I think the smallest one in diameter is the tire 3641 with the bush 4265c. Alternatively, you can use the tire 3139 which has a smooth surface and also compatible (but a little bit loosely) with ...

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Any ideas how to separate these lobed gears and lightsaber pieces?
5 votes

A possible solution I frequently use in such cases: Cover the transparent bar into something soft, e.g. a few layers of paper tissue and fix that part in a vise or a pliers. Tissues will prevent the ...

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9398 reduction change
Accepted answer
1 votes

This modification won't change the rate of reduction. You can calculate the ratio of the angular velocities of two adjacent gearwheels as i12 = w2/w1 = n1/n2 where w is the angular velocity and n ...

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