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What dark green LEGO car is this?
Accepted answer
13 votes

It's from MCDR4-1 Circuit Star, a McDonald's promotional set from 2009: You can clearly see the wavy white and yellow lines on the side stickers.

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How can I make a pigglet headed LEGO figure to be a sidekick for my Gadget Hero?
3 votes

Another possibility is one of the pig minifigures from the now-discontinued 2016 The Angry Birds Movie theme. For example, see set 75822, Piggy Plane Attack:

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How to make a street-light style torch
9 votes

1989's Eldorado Fortress from the Pirates universe had torches made from part 3959 with a single transparent stud on the "top", with the entire assembly pushed into an Erling brick. You can get a ...

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Why are there "unique" characters in many sets?
1 votes

Expanding from some of my comments: Another interesting use of "duplicate" unique characters is as generic characters in builds from other themes. For example: Indiana Jones can become a new ...

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Is the LEGO Space theme discontinued?
5 votes

Although the stand-alone, unlicensed Space theme technically remains discontinued, LEGO has recently released an unlicensed Space sub-theme under their City theme. While these builds seem to be more "...

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Are the LEGO Friends Mini-dolls compatible with Minifigures?
3 votes

The other answers speak well about technical compatibility. With the release of The LEGO Movie 2 film and its associated LEGO sets, we have official confirmation that Minifigs and Minidolls are ...

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