I bought this series of 4 lovely small monsters/gods at a garage sale.

Body, arms, legs and hands are made of Technic and are studless.

Help me to identify:

  • if they are part of an official set of The LEGO Group, and which one?
  • which are parts such as the masks, the foots (which are also used as the support of the masks), the weapons?

The 4 monsters/gods

Update: This might be from the Bionicle / Turaga (BrickLink) or similar range. So any links to introduction to this series would be welcome.

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These are indeed Bionicles

Green: 1418: Matau

Blue: 8543-1: Nokama

Red: 8540: Vakama

I think the last one is 8542: Onewa, with the mask of 8545-1: Whenua

more information on the Bionicles theme and the story line from Brickipedia
the Turega have a page on the Bionicle Wiki

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