I have a bunch of LEGO bricks mixed together. I recognize a few of them as going together for some small set that I no longer have the instructions for. I believe I got this set in the early 90's. The minifigure rode some sort of small contraption. What set is this?enter image description here

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This is most probably Ice Planet Scooter:

Ice Planet Scooter

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Ice Planet - Looks like Star Wars before Legos marketed for Star Wars. https://lego.brickinstructions.com/en/lego_instructions/set/1711/Ice_Planet_Scooter

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  • The link does not seem to bring any more useful information. – mindstormsboi May 27 at 1:28
  • @mindstormsboi It contains the building schematics and a picture of the rest of the result. It's a source. There's nothing wrong with the link. – Mast May 27 at 6:23
  • Oh, I was paying attention to the orange box saying ther's no instructions and yet there are instructions. Couldn't you have clarified that? – mindstormsboi May 27 at 10:48
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    @mindstormsboi No, your point made sense, because the older answer from the day before seems to have more useful information in the link there. This answer doesn't seem to contribute much that the other answer didn't already have. – User that is not a user May 28 at 13:37

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