I've got some models .lxf and I'd like to order the parts. Is there a way to extract that information from LDD on OS X? All the solutions I have seen so far go via a Windows application.


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Bricklink Wanted List Uploader

It is very simple to upload a parts list to Bricklink. You can directly upload your LDD file through the Bricklink wanted page uploader.

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The wanted list uploader supports the these four file types:

  • LEGO Digital Designer (.lxf)
  • BrickStock/Brickstore (.bsx)
  • LDraw (.ldr)
  • Stud.io (.io)

If the Bricklink uploader doesn't work, you can also use LDD also lets you export a list of parts from within the application.

In LEGO Digital Designer, open your model. Go to File > Export BOM (Ctrl + B) to save a spreadsheet/zip copy of all the parts used in your model.

The file will include information include part name, ID, colour, quantity as well as a thumbnail photo of each piece.

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