As part of an assignment, I made a program for my EV3, but however my computer automatically restarted, so I lost that program. I need to show the program! However, the program is still in my brick. So, I was wondering, is there any way to extract a program from a brick to my computer? And if there is, what would I need? (extra software, Bluetooth, connection cable)? Thanks

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There is a tool at http://ev3treevis.azurewebsites.net/ that can be use to create a new .ev3 file from a .rbf file recovered from an EV3 brick. Some information will be lost, but at least simple programs should be able to be recovered.

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You can extract the compiled program from the EV3. Compiled programs have a .rbf file extension. However, these files only contain EV3 VM bytecodes and cannot be converted back to the EV3-G project file format (.ev3p file extension).

Details about extracting the program from the brick and what you can do with it has already been answered here.

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