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10 votes
2 answers

How to estimate the pieces of a construction from just one photo?

My teacher is handing points to anyone who could guess how many pieces are in the construction shown below. I’d say there are about 350 but most people are saying thousand or more, which is insane to ...
15 votes
5 answers

Chaining Connections

The LEGO 2x4 brick is somewhat of an icon of LEGO, and the majority of official LEGO bricks can connect back to it. However, the number of bridging bricks required can vary, depending on the piece. ...
13 votes
2 answers

What are some "Illegal" LEGO combinations?

On Brothers Brick, there is an AFOL term for bad LEGO combos: Illegal. These combinations are "unconventional" and put stress on the bricks. Essentially, they are nonconformist, risky maneuvers, ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Challenge: Specialized Palm Build

I'm trying to design a hand for a MOC using the (not so) new Mixels ball joints, in line with a concept that I've had rattling around in my head for a while. The current palm design I'm trying uses ...
3 votes
0 answers

Challenge: A good, swift kick

Hey everyone, this is Bricks.SE's first challenge question! Context: On other sites, you sometimes see a question made specifically for the purposes of getting a lot of good ideas, the checkmark given ...
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