LEGO came out with 60197 City Passenger Train and 60198 City Cargo Train in 2018. Much more recently they released very similar sets 60337 City Express Passenger Train and 60336 City Freight Train. All four sets have the same "Powered Up" logo on the front and look fairly similar.

Are there any differences in the power, wheel, and track technology between these older sets and the new ones? If so, are their obvious pros and cons of these old versus newer train sets?

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Most of essential bits are the same and used in all 4 sets:

The only difference is in wheel used for cars. Instead of using two wheels attached to metal rod (this combination is then mounted together to bogie) TLG switched to wheels that are now attached individually to a different, but similarly looking, bogie.

There was a bit of disappointment and a lot of talks within community about new wheels as they are seen as higher friction option, reducing the performance of (long) trains.

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