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Questions tagged [discontinued]

Questions about discontinued pieces, sets, colors, or themes.

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1 answer

LEGO Master Builder Academy instructions

My kids picked up a few LEGO sets from the Master Builder Academy series recently that do not come with instructions in the packaging. According to the support team at this series was ...
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Can You Identify These Black Studless 2x4 Brick With Train Wheels?

I found a bunch of Pat Pend LEGO in a thrift shop. Among all the goodies there are two black smooth 2x4 bricks with train wheels attached to them. Their characteristics are as followed: They are ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is the Lego Duplo Track System being discontinued?

Our child recently got the Duplo train starter set 10507 as a gift. The box indicates an extension pack with more tracks, so I was confident our child would be able to extend the (sorry) somewhat ...
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RCX 2.0 Firmware downloaded successfully but "Run" does nothing

I recently was able to install RIS 2.0 for the first time since I just got a 32bit Windows 7 machine. I got the IR tower to download the firmware to the RCX 2.0 and it showed exactly the same screens ...
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Can I safely dissassemble a 74569 motor (the old, fast 9v one)

I have an ancient 74569 motor: Unfortunately, it's broken: The shaft spins freely by hand, but when I connect power to it, it doesn't spin at all. I would like to see if I can just open it and place ...
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5 answers

Has Lego discontinued presenting alternate configurations on the backs of modern boxes?

When I was younger, the backs of my Castle/Space Lego set boxes showed alternate model builds for the supplied pieces, configurations not detailed in the instruction manual. I appreciated these ...
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2 answers

21104 NASA Mars Curiosity Rover?

Has Lego made a public statement why they stopped producing the Curiosity Rover set? Each of its few production runs sold out in hours. Why won't they take my money? More importantly, how do I get a ...
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1 answer

What products, if any, have ever been recalled by LEGO?

The question says it all. Have there ever been any recalls of products by LEGO? If so, what were they?
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5 votes
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When and why were pieces 3651 and 3652 discontinued?

Bricklink has piece 3651 as Axle and Pin Connector, while piece 3652 is Engine Piston Square 2x2. You could attach them to each other to form a piston. Service pack 5260, Connecting Rods and Stop ...
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9 votes
2 answers

LEGO retiring old sets?

Why does The LEGO Group stop producing/selling older sets when they can still be hot items? I understand that they might affect the sale of future models but older models are rarely replaced by their ...
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16 votes
3 answers

How to find out if an element is out of production

Is there a way to know if Lego has officially stopped making a certain Lego element? As an example, from the 580 Lego set, I haven't seen this conveyor belt (along with those wheels and the "Legoland"...
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20 votes
2 answers

How do I know when current sets will retire?

As the title asks, how is the easiest way to find when current sets on the Lego website will be retired and no longer sold. For example, the 10197 Fire Brigade has been around since 2009, same as ...
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18 votes
2 answers

When did LEGO stop producing Technic action figures?

I recently got interested in LEGO Technic again. The last set I own is maybe 15 years old, so my knowledge is a little bit outdated. Back then some of the Technic sets had action figures included, ...
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