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8 votes
3 answers

Is there a true ball/sphere LEGO piece (or pieces that together form a ball/sphere)?

I recently started experimenting with GBC machines build out of LEGO. Ball bearings are ideal as balls (have a lot of momentum due to their weight), but are also impacting on the LEGO bricks hard ...
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Averaged out, as of 2016, how many shapes has Lego introduced per year since brick 1?

Averaged out since Lego first began selling addictive bricks, and discounting the structural redesign of existing bricks (Like the 2x4. Tubes were added, but it was still a 2x4) how many shaped ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Brick-built sails for a pirate ship

I am building a Sea-Cow(70810)-like ship that of course needs sails. The sails should be larger than the Technic fairings used in the LEGO movie set, but I want to avoid cloth sails and strings. My ...
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What is the difference between these hole shapes?

I purchased an assorted bag of LEGO Technic pieces. There are pieces with axle holes, but what puzzles me is that the holes are different from what I am familiar with. There's a piece with an ...
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Making a hexagon with plates

Do any of the wedge/wing shaped plates have the right angle to make a true hexagon or equilateral triangle? If not, is there any way to make a regular hexagon using plates? (I know they can be ...
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Is there a Technique or Algorithm for Building Spheres?

There are times when I would like to build a sphere or a dome like this one: From Small Lego Sphere Project While this example is great, I find it difficult to scale it to another size, whether ...
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